RealmTrac understands that our children are precious.

With thousands of children disappearing each year, its heartening to know that companies like RealmTrac can provide the tools  that can assist parents to keep an eye of their little ones. Our user-friendly GPS watches are available in multiple colours.

These devices communicate with parents via an application for Android or IOS, providing much-needed functionality such as:

Voice calling - If you suspect a problem, make a voice call to your child directly from the App.

Wechat - Two-way point and shoot voice messages similar to Whatsapp's hold and release chat.

Location - The device can provide a GPS location at 1 hour, 10 minute, or 1 minute intervals.

SOS button- which will alert multiple peoples of your choice when the SOS button on the device is pushed, by phoning one person and sending an SOS text messages to multiple others simultaneously.

Geofencing - Allows creation of zones so that parents are notified when the device enters or leaves the zone. 

Low battery alert - Notifies the parent when the battery is low, via SMS.

Removal notification - Notifies parents when the watch is removed from your childs wrist.

Note that once the watch is paired with your smartphone, your child will be unable to switch it off. The parent can, however, switch it off remotely via the App if he or she wishes to do so.