Tracking Solutions for Individuals

RealmTrac is committed to giving you world-class tracking products and customer service because we understand that each individual has unique tracking requirements.

If you are looking for a range of tracking solutions in your private capacity, consider the following RealmTrac products and services:

Track and Trace

RealmTrac’s reliable, basic tracking will give you real-time information on the speed and position of your vehicle as well as access to the vehicle’s trip history. Find out more here.


No matter where you are, RealmTrac’s products will allow you to monitor your vehicle using a high-quality GPS positioning device with GSM connectivity. Find out more here.

Asset Tracking

Because your assets come in all sorts of forms, shapes and sizes, RealmTrac offers Asset Tracking devices. These devices will allow you to track countless items from padded envelopes to laptop bags. Find out more here.


Realmtrac’s nationwide stolen vehicle recovery service will dramatically increase your chances of recovering your vehicle in the event of a theft or hijacking. Find out more here.