Track and Trace

RealmTrac’s reliable, basic tracking will give you real-time information on the speed and position of your vehicle as well as access to the vehicle’s trip history.

The real-time and historic data provided by RealmTrac is web-based; allowing you to monitor your personal vehicle and/or performance of your business fleet as and when you need to. The historic data will also allow you to look back on the vehicle’s trip history as far as one year.

As a business owner, RealmTrac’s track and trace product will give you an exclusive look into how your drivers are using your vehicles, where they are going or where they have been, and whether they are delivering your goods according to the stipulated schedule. Such knowledge will assist you to make informed fleet decisions that address previously undisciplined driving habits, which can ultimately lead to increased staff productivity and the achievement of performance targets.

RealmTrac’s track and trace product will put the control back in your court, making sure that all drivers of your vehicle/s are held accountable for their driving behaviour and destinations.